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Programs 2014 (English)

Silent Witnesses March

Date: November 22. (Saturday)
Time: 14:00 
Location: ELTE Faculty of Law, 1053 Budapest Egyetem tér 1-3.
Further information: official Facebook event
13.45 – gathering in the Aula Magna room located at the ELTE Faculty of Law (Egyetem tér 1-3.)
14:00-15:00: speeches followed by remembering victims 
Moderator: Dóra Ónody-Molnár
– Dr. Nagy Marianna, ELTE Faculty of Law
– Györgyi Tóth, director of NANE
– Mária Csurika, representative of the women’s group of The City is For All (A Város Mindenkié) civil society group
– Tea Erdélyi, representative of Labrisz Lesbian Association
– Magdolna Nyerges, representative of a Színes Gyöngyök Délvidéki Roma Nőkért Egyesület
– Erzsébet Földesi, director of the Council of Disabled Persons’ Organization (FESZT), board member of the European Disability Forum, alternate board member of the European Women’s Lobby  
15:15-15:50: march
Planned route of the march: Egyetem tér - Papnövelde utca - Nyáry Pál utca - Váci utca - Vörösmarty tér - József Nádor tér - Nádor utca - Kossuth Lajos tér.
Link to map:

A felvonulás körülbelül fél órás lesz.
16:00: gyertyagyújtás a Kossuth téren


Reports on security of women – Overview of the United States and Europe

Date: November 24. (Monday)
Time: 18:00
Location: Corvinus Univerity of Budapest, Budapest 1093, Közraktár utca 4-6., room 510
Further information: official Facebook event
Organizer: Hungarian Women’s Lobby, Corvinus University of Budapest, Centre for Gender and Culture


Süel Fundraising Sale

Date: November 25. (Tuesday)
Time: 18:00-21:00
Location: Süel - Fashion Street, Budapest 1052 Deák Ferenc u. 17.,
Further information: official Facebook event
Organizer: Patent Egyesület


Round table discussion on methods aimed at helping victims of intimate partner violence

Date: November 26. (Wednesday)
Time: 12:30-16:30
Location: Kiszombor
Further information: Members responsible for indicating cases of violence as well as representatives of the local police forces and the municipality (Kiszombor) have been invited. Officials in similar positions are also expected from Makó and surrounding villages.
NANE will be represented by Kriszta Hoffmann, Enikő Pap and Judit Wirth.
Organizer: Egészségért És Elviselhetőbb Életért Kiszombor És Vidéke Alapítvány


Commemorating the victims of transphobia 

Date: November 26. (Wednesday)
Időpont: 13:00-15.00
Location: Japanese Garden
Organizer: CEU- Human RightS Initiative

Ruins – Chronicles of an HIV witch-hunt (film screening, presentation and discussion)

Date: December 1. (Monday)
Time: 17:30
Location: CEU 1051 Budapest Nádor u. 9., Faculty Tower room 409
Organizer: CEU- Human RightS Initiative


New tools and methods in combating violence against women (NANE – Patent conference)

Date: December 2. (Tuesday)
Time: 09:00 - 14:00
Location: European Youth Centre Budapest, Zivatar u. 2-4. Budapest
Further information: official Facebook event
Attendance is free but prior registration is required. Online registration is possible until 2014.11.24. at the following address:

Tentative schedule:
9.00-9.30 Registration
9.30-9.45 Opening ceremony
Györgyi Tóth, director of NANE Women’s Rights Association
Her Excellency Tove Skarstein, Ambassador of Norway in Hungary
9.45-10.30 The Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence
Video message of José Mendes Bota, Special rapporteur of the General Assembly of the Council of Europe on the topic of violence against women
Paula Krol, project advisor at the Council of Europe
10.30-11.15 Violence against women in numbers – a representative survey of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
Joanna Goodey, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, FRA), head of Freedoms and Justice Department (invited)
11.15-11.45 Coffee break
11.45-12.15 Domestic violence at Hungarian tribunals – conclusions of the PATENT Association’s monitoring program of tribunals
Dr. Vera Stummer, Patent Association
12.15-12.45 Tools and methods to support women and children affected by violence – on how social workers and lawyers see the issue
Kriszta Hoffmann, Dr. Judit Wirth, NANE Women’s Rights Association
12.45-13.30 Principles and elements of media communication and an efficient and professional response against sexual violence
Éva Cserháti, KERET KERET – Coalition against Sexual Violence and for the Survivors, Muszáj Action group (Action group for the Rights of Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse), Lídia Balogh, Réka Sáfrány, Hungarian Women's Lobby
Organizers: NANE Women's Rights Association, Patent Association


Workshop on relationships based on equality

Date: December 5. (Friday)
Location: Kiszombor
Further information: During the event, participants will consider the issues of equality and violence in relationships while using the handbook Heartbeat (Szívdobbanás) prepared by NANE. Applicants aged 10-20 are particularly encouraged to apply.
Organizer: For a Better Life and Health Kiszombor and Surroundings Foundation


 „...szakálla volt gender...” film club: Viktoria – A tale of Grace and Greed

Date: December 6. (Saturday)
Time: 17:00
Location: Budapest, 6th district, Teréz körút 7. ground floor 1. (buzzer 12)
Further information: Prostitution is not a good thing but if regulated, it will eventually… or not?
A minor fee of 500 HUF for tea and the cost of reserving the room, 300 HUF for students



Photo exhibition on victims of transphobia

Date: November 20-26. (Thursday-Wednesday)
Location: Japanese Garden
Organizer: CEU- Human RightS Initiative


Body positivity exhibition

Date: December 1-4. (Monday-Thursday)
Location: CEU 1051 Budapest Nádor u. 9, Laptop Area
Organizer: CEU- Human RightS Initiative